"Since starting this program with you, not quite 2 months ago, I have experienced a real positive transformation in my life. For over 15 years, the NHS has prescribed me more and more medication, currently 14 in all! Not once has any of this medication made a real difference to my life. Some may have improved some issues slightly but never enough that I felt much better. My life had become like a war of attrition. Daily I suffered a mix of pain, fatigue, breathing, head fog, sinus etc. However, I feel like you, your remedies and advice have been responsible for making me feel significantly better and given me my life back! It has been a great bonus that we have been able to conduct our consultations via video link and I have not needed to leave my home. Thank you!"



"I consulted Catherine feeling stuck with being heavily overweight and permanently tired despite what I thought was a fairly healthy diet including at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and plenty of good proteins and healthy carbs. For the past 3 years I had also needed to take medication to control high blood pressure and whilst it was well controlled, I wanted to try and control it naturally to dispense with or at least reduce the need for medication. I had wondered about hormone imbalance following menopause, but we weren't able to run diagnostic tests being mid pandemic. However, Catherine advised a very low carbohydrate eating plan, cutting out all processed foods and hidden sugars, as well as alcohol, explaining that I needed to help my gut to heal from any damage over the years and re-educate my body to burn fat rather than the easy glucose it obtained from eating carbs (in my case lots of pasta and potatoes!). During the process she recommended food supplements to support my digestive system as well as prescribing homeopathic medicine to address knee pain and inflammation from arthritis as well as poor sleep. Very quickly I felt more alert and energetic and my knee pain reduced dramatically so that in addition to following the eating plan I started going for a 30-minute walk most days which also improved my sense of wellbeing. Whilst I have at times missed some of my favourite pasta meals, or a jacket potato with tuna mayonnaise or a few glasses of wine, I can honestly say that I have not been hungry whilst following this plan. And the results speak for themselves ... after 9 weeks I have lost 24lb (circa 11 kilos), I have dropped a dress size, and my blood pressure has gone down by at least 10 points. Friends are commenting favourably both on the weight loss and also my glowing skin and bright eyes. I am happy to recommend this to anyone wanting to lose weight, reduce their blood pressure and improve their general well-being."




“I have been to see Catherine for many years and Catherine’s treatment is always effective. This year I did a skype consultation for the first time using classical homeopathy. I was a bit sceptical as I had only ever used the bio-energetics before. Well I now have no doubt that Catherine is every bit as good as the bio energetics! I am pleased that I trusted Catherine to deliver a first class service as usual! Many thanks.”


“I have been seeing Catherine for around 2 months and during this time have noticed significant improvements in my physical health and wellbeing. At the initial appointment Catherine took the time to understand my whole situation and immediately spotted links between the different symptoms I was experiencing. She has provided a comprehensive nutrition, supplement and homeopathic remedy plan to target a variety of issues and has also encouraged me to try (and enjoy!) a variety of new foods to optimise my diet. I find my follow up appointments give me renewed focus each time and this is thanks to Catherine’s optimism and focus on her patients. I would highly recommended Catherine and the variety of services she offers; working with her has allowed me to take control of several health issues without the immediate need for medical intervention and I’m looking forward to continuing my health journey with her”.

Elizabeth Stapley

“The last two months have really been life changing and I highly recommend your services, " I have got my life back!  I feel so much happier and my skin is so much better!" thank you for everything” 

Jack B.

“ thanks Catherine you’re a star and I’m feeling so much better mind and body. You’ve donewonders for me, I’m a changed man for the better!”

Denis B.

“Several months ago I was fed up of going to the doctors and then I met Catherine, she has been so supportive through out the treatment, believe me the elimination process is hard but you keep going because you see the difference in your wellbeing and now I feel like a new person. In just a few months I have dropped two dress sizes and am the correct weight for my height and feel like the younger me, it’s such a confidence boost and I feel so happy. When I lost my father a few years ago it had such an impact on my life, the treatment has helped me gain emotional strength too. Catherine has been amazing through out the whole process, I eliminate foods that don’t suit me, some have been re-introduced and other are eliminated for long term. It is such interesting process learning about your body, healthy foods and how supplements can help to heal different issues. This treatment is so clever it works for all kinds of problems!”

P Sargeant

“I have known Catherine for nearly five years now and in this time she has treated me for varying conditions, some minor and others quite serious. I can, without doubt, say that through her advice and remedies, the majority of these conditions have been treated successfully. Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone and everyone because my own experiences have been so positive. Furthermore, her professionalism and vast knowledge is coupled with a sincerity and compassion and there have been occassions where she has gone beyond her call of duty to help me which truly says something about her naturally caring personality.”

Ewa Colbourn


“Catherine has helped our family so much – from helping to heal broken limbs, psoriasis, glandular problems, advice on nutrition and even treating feelings of emotional vulnerability. A little apprehensive, I booked and initial consultation and was intrigued to learn and understand the link between physical symptoms and emotions. Given my previous experiences of visiting a GP who had me leaving almost before arriving, Catherine took my symptoms seriously and didn’t try to suggest that I was imagining all my problems. The most successful treatment that I am thankful for has been for my Psoriasis. I have been plagued with Psoriasis for 24 years (mainly scalp, elbows and knees). I spent years wearing trousers to cover my knees, long sleeves to cover my elbows and have lathered on messy coal tar treatments and more worrying – endless steroid creams. Catherine explained that progress could be slow and as a general rule of thumb, to expect a month’s treatment for every year suffered with this condition. I think the photographs speak for themselves – this was the improvement after 3 months. The residual redness is scar tissue (Catherine says this is something that we can also treat). Catherine is a true professional, kind, warm, thorough and supportive throughout. For me Catherine’s holistic approach has been really important – I can’t thank you enough for your help, advice, compassion and friendship.”

Kerry Bertram


“Catherine has been great at rebalancing my body. An accident had left me low and my whole body felt out of sync, the doctor would have given me more drugs and signed me off work. Catherine with her time and patience and various remedies has managed to restore my body to a place where it feels healthy and happy. I would recommend Catherine to anyone as an alternative to going to the GP, the homeopathic remedies have certainly worked and she has time to listen and adjust the remedies not just write a prescription after 5 minutes”

Anne Richardson

Henley on Thames

“Just a note to thank you for your care and attention over the past few months. The difference you have made to me is brilliant. My family definitely appreciate a calmer me! I think you realise that it took me a long time(over 2 years) to find a replacement for the homeopath I had been with for some 12 years when she retired, and I am grateful for the time and patience you showed me. At the moment your remedies are keeping me on top of my hectic lifestyle.” 



“Catherine has made such a positive difference to our family. We have come to her with a range of problems from earache, asthma, anxiety, panic attacks to vaginal pain and fatigue. Having followed Catherine’s treatment we no longer suffer from these symptoms. In future, it is good to know that if we have any health problems we can go to Catherine for help.” 



“A friend recommended Catherine to me. Initially, I was a little doubting that homeopathy might be effective for me but I was proved wrong on the first visit! Catherine is warm, welcoming and intuitive and the course of treatment has been exceedingly successful for me. I would recommend Catherine very highly.”

Gill Harper


“I contacted Catherine as I was suffering from a chest infection which I could not get rid of plus a mild form of depression. Her sympathetic, professional approach was exceptional. Right from the beginning I was made to feel totally at ease; her diagnosis was spot-on and her aftercare extremely good, within a very short period of time I was feeling so much better. I would highly recommend her. Thank you” 

Bonnie Bristow


“I have suffered with migraines and stress for years. Catherine has treated me with exceptional care and a high level of professionalism, and my incidents of migraine have reduced significantly. The Bio-Energetic Screening, coupled with her expertise, provides an extraordinary pinpointing of key health issues. I have recommended her most highly to friends with a wide range of health problems, and will continue to do so.” 

Donna Fraser


“Catherine is an extremely well-qualified therapist who knows her subject matter in great depth and I always feel in safe hands. Catherine is a very warm and empathetic person and it is so easy to open up to her; she has good listening skills which I believe all therapists need to instill trust and confidence between them and their clients. I always come away from seeing Catherine feeling positive and nurtured. I would highly recommend her and already have done to many friends! ”

Anita Hodgson


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