Homeopathy is a safe, natural and effective medicine. All ages can use homeopathy with complete confidence of safety from pregnant women, babies through to the elderly. Homeopathy can be taken alongside prescriptive drugs that may be suppressing an illness while homeopathy will treat the cause and heal, and has the great benefit of having no side effects and is often used to offset the side effects of prescriptive drugs.

Homeopathy identifies the underlying cause and not just the disease. The whole person is treated physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Each person is unique therefore treatment is completely individual.

Homeopathy will address a patient’s emotional outlook as it is of paramount importance to the maintenance of health and has a bearing on the recovery of health.

Homeopathy is very successful in both acute and chronic illness. It is incredible for sudden acute seasonal illness and works very deeply on chronic illnesses. It is perfectly safe in pregnancy and labour and for new born babies.

Homeopathy treats symptoms so it is not limited to the type or number of diseases it can treat.

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